Flying Birds


  • 10.8. - 16.8., 5h/day 10:00-13:00; 18:00-20:00h
  • +16, min 5, max 12 participants
  • Croatian, English, language

Through the physical training following the impulses of the body and listening to our own body, we will intensively work on our body/breathe/movement. Awareness of the inner imagination and outside spaces will bring the performer in the state of complete presence, in the synergy of the performer and the imagination that will finally connect us into One. Exploring the body in th espace of physical and creative borders of it. This method is based on the principles of training for performers / actors by Jerzy Grotowski and the principles of modern and butoh dance. The question is how long, how high and how far can fly... in the presence of pure creation... 

Kate Marusic

kateeeee-1Kate as an artist:

She has been dancer for 13years; classical ballet (elementary and high ballet-schools) and after conteporary dance. Many performances, over 50. ('87-2000).

After she took part in many circus shows/performances in independent circus group „dezgracia“, she has been working with them and other circus groups on many shows, working in theatres, tents and streets. (2000-2004 activly, after and now just sometimes...)

Then acting/psychical theatre/dance performances:

„Nordijska bajka“ ,<ZALET>group 2001.

„Badenski Poucak O Suglasnosti“ Bertolt Brecht, <ZALET>group 2002.

„Porodične priče“ Biljana Srbljanović, drama studio „EHO“ 2004/2005 (diffrent performers).

„Masterpiece can't burn“ / „Rukopisi ne gore“ (Based on Master and Margarita by Mihail A. Bulgakov, production of >ZADARSNOVA>. International Festival of Contemporary Theatre 2006.

„Jesen, zima, proljece, ljeto puta sto godina“ drama studio <EHO> 2007

„ANTIEDIPUS“ D.B. Indoš i Tanja Vrvilo , <House Of Extreme Music Theatre>2009.

„CEFAS“ D.B. Indoš i Tanja Vrvilo, <House of Extreme Music Theatre> 2010.

„Thurst/Beginning“ Balzar Cabas Co.  2011.

„Site specific solo (Maksimir)“ Kitt Johnson (X-act copmany, Mellerum festival), production of <IMPROSPEKCIJE Festival>2011

„Open Sessions“ B.C. co.  At „KC August Cesarec“

„Moje srce kuca kao sunce“ ARUŠA company, Zagreb, 2011.

„Samodokidanje“ ARUŠA company, Teatar &TD, Zagreb, 2012.

„ETC,ETC..“ Mehdi Farajpour – ORIENT DANCE COMPANY, Paris. 2012

„HAUKA MOLEKULA“ D.B.Indoš i Tanja Vrvilo, <House of Extreme Music Theatre>2013. Teatar &TD.

„STOP SPOT“ Mehdi Farajpour, ORIENT DANCE COMPANY, Paris 2013.

„La Mascara“ Skupina Cirkorama, Zagreb, 2013.

„INTER(AKCIJA)“  - TRAFO 2013 MAPA /moving academy/ performing:“Piece for  a Poet and Anti-orchestra“. 2013.

Kate as a student:

Learning at many dance schools, drama studios and acting studios (Open Broken Heart Company N.Y., Gotowski Methods, Physical Theatre and Performing, Acrobatics and Juggling meetings school/workshops....etc...)

Some of her pedagogues: Ryszard Nieoczym, Ang Gey Pin, Nhandan Chirco, Lee Delong, Alessio Castellacci, Ryuzo Fukuhara.......etc...)

Special Skills:

Juggling, acrobaticts,yoga,voice work, playing on prepared instruments.


    More info about Kate

    Personal data

    Name: Kate Marušić

    Date and place of birth: 15.01.1983.

    Nationality: Croatian

    Languages: Croatian, English,

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